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The MELONPUP Difference

we are not your typical Vendor/Supplier - we Partner with You

Every business that we Partner with receives a Dedicated Account Manager, who will spend time with you to understand Your Business! Your Account Manager is available whenever you need them, but you will not go for longer than three months without seeing them in person, as we perform Quarterly Checks

We become a true extension of your business providing you with your very own IT Department, but at a fraction of the cost of actually employing people directly, eliminating the stresses as well as down time.

The luxury of having a 24/7/365 Help Desk, that only the large corporates are known for having, usually comes with a price tag of at least £500,000 per Year, allowing for four teams to operate shifts around the clock, holiday cover and absence due to sickness, along with supervisors and managers to coordinate the activities.

A small business of approximately 40 Employees can have all of this, and far more, from MELONPUP for less than 2% of this figure.

Not only are we cheaper than employing and managing the teams directly yourselves, but as we operate Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and One Month Contracts, we will go above and beyond for you as we know you are not tied in to us.

Employees or other Managed Service Providers & IT Support Companies who operate 12 Month Contracts, know that they can get away with a lot of things or by putting tasks off. Here at MELONPUP, we do things properly and straight away, as not only do we want to keep the partnership with you, but we also do not want to be spending time fixing the same issues over and over again. An IT Support Company who charges per Incident are not motivated to fix the root cause as they will loose money from the repeat occurrence of the same issue. The same goes for an employee who thinks they can have an easy life by being paid a salary for performing a workaround for the same issue over and over again.

To find out more about how we can Partner with you

Your Single Point of Contact

We can manage all of your IT / Technical requirements

Even if you don’t use ourselves to provide all of your services, such as Broadband, Anti-SPAM & Anti-Virus, etc, we can still liaise with your other suppliers and vendors on your behalf.

When you have an issue such as “my laptop won’t connect to the internet”, we don’t expect you to always know what is wrong and causing you the issue.

It could be with any of the below:

  • the Laptop itself, such as Hardware
  • a Driver issue
  • the Laptop could be infected with a Virus
  • a problem with your Wireless Network (WiFi) or Access Point (AP)
  • an issue with DHCP
  • an issue with DNS
  • a problem with the Router
  • an error on your telephone line
  • or a problem at your Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) end

By giving us a quick call, we will own the issue through to resolution for you. This also means that you do not need to be passed around suppliers or kept on hold trying to get through to someone.

If you have ever encountered this scenario, or anything similar, please contact us TODAY and