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BT to pay £342 million for late network installs for rivals

The U.K. communications regulator Ofcom levied the fine for a “serious breach” of rules, according to a statement late Sunday. The fine dwarfed any previous Ofcom penalty and puts another black mark on the record of Chief Executive Officer Gavin Patterson, reports Bloomberg . The rebuke is a further blow to BT over its network […]

Facebook bans companies from using its data for surveillance 

The update comes after a raft of companies were found to be tracking users on the social network  CREDIT: REUTERS Facebook has blocked companies from using information posted to its social networks for surveillance purposes. An update to Facebook and Instagram’s terms stops developers that build products using its data from creating tools that track and […]

Google’s CAPTCHA no longer demands proof you’re not a robot

You’ll be seeing less of these 13 MARCH 2017 • 9:30AM It has been one of the most annoying things about the internet for years: the little security check box that asks you to type out a barely legible phrase to prove you’re not a robot. But the CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to […]

Nokia 3310 demand ‘astonishing’, says Carphone Warehouse

The latest Nokia 3310 comes in four colours and has a camera CREDIT: NOKIA Demand for the resurrected Nokia 3310 has been “astonishing”, according to the retailer stocking the phone. Carphone Warehouse, the only company to have opened pre-registrations for the handset, said it has seen an “unprecedented level of demand for a feature phone” a week […]

Wikileaks to hand over alleged CIA spying tools to tech companies

Assange said he would give tech companies the details of hacks affecting their products  CREDIT: WIKILEAKS Wikileaks will hand Central Intelligence Agency hacking tools to technology companies in order for them to defend their customers against spying. Julian Assange, founder of the website, said he had decided to provide the classified information to giants such […]

Data stored on a single atom for the first time

Atomic storage could revolutionise the way data is kept and moved around CREDIT: EPA Innovation in electronics manufacturing is driven by a desire to make devices ever smaller but increasingly powerful. Moore’s Law has seen the power of computer chips double every two years without them growing in size, while data storage plateaued somewhat.  But in a […]

How WhatsApp could make money – but users might not like it 

WhatsApp was bought by Facebook in 2014 CREDIT: EPA  Facebook’s business plan for monetising WhatsApp could involve allowing businesses to speak directly to its one billion users. WhatsApp has begun trialling the new business tool with the Y Combinator start-up incubator, reports say, a program which has been dubbed “a spawning ground for emerging tech […]

What will Brexit mean for the tech sector?

East London’s Silicon Roundabout, seen as a symbol of the UK tech sector CREDIT:BLOOMBERG The technology sector, with its international focus, was a vocal advocate for Britain staying in the European Union. But, in defiance of the widespread concerns, the industry has been thriving in the wake of the decision to leave with investment and expansion thriving. […]

Budget 2017: Funding for robotics and batteries dismissed as underpowered

Budget 2017: Funding for robotics and batteries dismissed as underpowered

Some of the funding will go towards developing robots that can survive harsh conditions CREDIT: REUTERS A pledge to fund £270m of research in robotics, next-generation batteries and biotech announced in Wednesday’s Budgets was dismissed by the industry as woeful despite being a key pillar of the Government’s industrial strategy. The Treasury announced the first […]

SoftBank to sell 25pc of ARM to giant tech fund 

SoftBank bought ARM last year CREDIT: ARM HOLDINGS Japan’s SoftBank is selling 25pc of its stake in ARM Holdings, the British technology giant it bought for £24bn just six months ago, to its giant technology fund backed by Saudi and Abu Dhabi investors. The £6bn stake in ARM, which designs the microchips in billions of internet-connected […]